نوع مقاله: مقاله پژوهشی




Critical study of the knowledge theory in Tafkik/ Hamid-Reza Shakerin
Critical analysis of reasons to prove physicalism, using the foundations of Transcendental wisdom/ Mohammad Foroughi/ Hadi Vakili/ Azam Ghasemi
New Essentialism in the contemporary philosophy of science: an important current but unknown in contemporary Iran/ Ibrahim Dadjo
A defense of Ontological Realism without commitment to Epistemic Realism/ Jahangir Moazenzadeh/ Mir-Saeid Mosovi Karimi
The Relation between Language-Games, Forms of Life and Human's Social Life in Late Wittgenstein/ Mahdi Dahaqeen/ Abdurrazzaq Hesamifar/ Seyyed Masoud Seif/ Mohammad Hassan Heydari
Foundationalism inNaturalist moral reductionism/ Behrouz Mohammadi-Monfared
The Radial Network of the meaning of faith from the/ Ali Reza Qaeminia/ Shaban Nosrati/ Solmaz Irani
The critical assessment of Putnam, Dennet and Searl approach to philosophical significant of AI/ Mohammad-Hosein Mohammad-Ali Khalaj


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