نوع مقاله : مقاله پژوهشی




The systematic extraction model of the knowledge sources and tools from The Holy Quran/ Ali Mowlaei, Mahdi Golshani
Critical Analysis of Epistemological Principles of Cartesian Humanism Based on Allameh Mohammad-Taqi Ja'fari's Thoughts/ Narges Aboul-Qasemian, Abdollah Nasri, Fazlollah Khaleghian
Conceptual metaphor of hearing and ear on verses of Quran/ Sayyed Mahdi Mirzababaei
Al-Farabi on Induction and Experience/ Zahra Esmaeili, Sayyaed Mohammad Hakkak
The structural model of development of knowledge and its implications from the point of view of the implications of the Quranic Verses/ Hosein Ramezani Hosin-Abad
The Nature of Intuition and its Characteristics in Kant's Epistemology/ Ali Fath Taheri
Critical investigation of Sheikh Ahmad Ahsai's Criticis to the power of imagination and its foundations in transcendental wisdom/ Mahmoud Seidi, Hasan Moradi
Reviewing the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic functions of the apposition structure in the Holy Quran concerning Meyer and Quirk theoretical approaches/ Bahman Gorjian, Farangis Abbaszadeh


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